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Extra Curriculum Activities

Tiny Talk

We offer classes here at Giggle Tots every week, the classes are delivered by a specialist teacher from Tiny Talk.

Baby signing is a form of pre-verbal communication. Babies understand so much before

They can talk! From as early as 6 to 9 months old, babies can begin to tell you what they want, what they are thinking about and how they feel. Babies’ control of their hands develops long before their control of their vocal cords and co-ordination of the movement of lips, tongue and teeth to make understood speech sounds as recognised words (often as late as 18 months).

Baby signing bridges this very wide gap - aiding communication, giving  a means to begin to understand everything! Early language development and understanding also encourages early speech as the signs are always said at the same time.

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Sporkids is a company created to develop motor and social skills in kids, to develop their confidence and to help them socialise with the world that surrounds them. Our aim is to help all children achieve their best at every level. We teach and we learn with them and together we captivate the pleasure of doing sports and to connect through exciting games and exercises. We provide these Multi-sports sessions at Giggle Tots every week, Sporkids work all parts of the body in a funny and exciting way. With our younger children our coach provides exercises related with numbers, colours, animals and different themes connected with the nursery, ball skills and basic movements like kicking, throwing, catching. With our older children games are more based on team games, having turns, sharing and the sports themselves trying to be inclusive so everyone can make their best and feel proud of themselves. We hold these sessions every Friday.


Forest School

Curious Wilds is run by Rachel Summers, a level 3 qualified Forest School practitioner, who loves sitting quietly with children admiring how a slug glistens in the sunlight, looking the other way to give kids a chance to hide, and coming up with yet more crazy creations that she's super excited to share with you. We offer these sessions once per week on a rotational basis across all age groups. We hold these sessions term time every week on a Monday, however we alternate our under 2’s and over 2’s children so everyone gets an opportunity to take part.


Sounds Right Phonics

The classes provide fun, high energy lessons which open a world of Literacy to children and teach early phonics skills. A Sounds Right Phonics Class is fun, varied and educational, and the best part is that children don't even realise that they are learning. Each class includes games and activities that teach sound recognition, alliteration and oral blending and segmenting the necessary foundations for reading and writing. This high energy class also includes activities to improve gross and fine motor skills which will support a child's handwriting. We hold these sessions term time every other week on a Monday.



Bongalong music classes are for babies, toddlers and children up to the age of five. Fun, engaging, creative sessions for you and your child to enjoy together. All sessions comprise of movement, singing, dance and drama. There is always an instrument section using beautiful percussion instruments -real instruments to create quality sounds. We also use a lot of props and costumes to bring songs and stories to life. “A little piece of theatre every week.” The way we use music, movement and drama supports the developmental stages your child/children will go through between 0-5 years. Songs and rhymes help speech development and language. Action songs and movement develop co-ordination. Music games encourage listening skills. Instruments enable exploration of sounds and effects. Group activity aids confidence, communication and social skills. Props and costumes stimulate imagination and roleplay at home. We hold these sessions every Tuesday.

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